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Tips on PowerPoint


Top Five Tips On How To Create A Compelling PowerPoint Presentation

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Creating a captivating PowerPoint presentation can be a real challenge, I am sure we have all been to a presentation or meeting where the speakers reads everything from the slides and you and everyone else is bored to tears.
But how do you put the

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  • 11 months ago
Blog: Proof Reading Fingertips Typing


Spot Aynthing Wrong?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Proofreading Tips by Fingertips Typing Services
There’s no foolproof formula for perfect proofreading every time. But these six tips should help you spot errors before anybody else does.
What do proofreaders do?
A proofreader is a person who spots the details and checks for any

Your mailshot checklist

Communication Copy-writing Customer Database

Your Mailshot Checklist

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Mailshots are a great way to communicate and engage with your existing and prospect customers and can be an effective way to promote your business. However getting it right can be tricky as it is important to get the right tone of voice and come

Google Pixel Buds

Translation Uncategorized

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Tech Becomes Reality

Posted By Cathy Bennett

On 4th October 2017 Google announced the launch of its new translation tech headphones, Pixel Buds, which it claims can simultaneously translate spoken language into the ear of the listener.
There is much hype around this new technology. Technology which reminds me of the Babel fish

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  • about 1 year ago
How to improve your words per minute


How To Improve Your Words Per Minute?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

We all know that typing speed matters, but being able to type quickly and accurately is a very rare skill and could be what makes you stand out between you and another equally qualified applicant.
The average typing speed is 60 words per minute, but

Tools for transcription

Audio Transcription

What Tools Do You Need For Transcribing?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

As with any career, not only do you need to be skilled in your profession you also need to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. After all you wouldn’t be a mechanic without having your own set of tools to be

Essentials of transcribing

Audio Transcription

Back to School: The Transcriber Essentials

Posted By Cathy Bennett

It is that time of year again, when the shops are fully of sparkly new stationery items, the TV is full of adverts for school uniforms and back to school essentials. So, it seemed fitting to do a blog post on the Transcriber Essentials.

Home worker

Home working

Secrets to Successfully Working From Home

Posted By Cathy Bennett

You might think that working from home would be easy, especially if you are doing it to give yourself a better work life balance or to fit around your family. But, it is harder than it looks. It takes a great deal of determination and

How to Copywrite


The Dos and Don’ts of Copywriting

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Writing good copy isn’t as simple as just putting pen to paper, otherwise everyone would be a fantastic copywriter.
Good copywriting can be hard to come by and takes an exceptional amount of skill and knowledge to learn.
At Fingertips we have a brilliant team

What to look out for in translation


Five Simple Tips For Great Translation

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Translating documents can be a frustrating challenge, but it can also be very rewarding.
Here are our tips to make the translation of documents more enjoyable, simpler and easier for your audience to understand
Here are our top five tips to remember when writing for

Blog: How to turn an interview into something meaningful

Interview Transcription

Five Foolproof Interview Techniques

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Conducting an interview can be tough, you want to elicit as much information from a person as possible, whilst remaining as friendly and personable as possible. The more someone is at ease with you the more they are likely to open up and talk to

Insurance when working from home

Home working

Do you need insurance to work from home?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

This question crops up a lot, after all home working is growing in popularity because it is flexible, allowing you to work hours that suit your family and lifestyle.
Advancements in technology, such as broadband, home PCs and wi-fi, means that people can work just

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