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Blog: Tips on understanding accents and dialects


Tips on Understanding Accents and Dialects

Posted By Cathy Bennett

One of the hardest things for a transcriber is deciphering different accents and dialects. As the world becomes more multi-cultural and the lines between countries and regions blurred, understanding new people can be hard and sometimes confusing.
Accents vary greatly.  According to Expedia there are

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Blog: Podcast Transcription

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Podcast Transcription – How and why you should consider it

Posted By Cathy Bennett

The podcast has revolutionised the way we communicate content to the public, it has been perfect for; Schools, colleges, universities, businesses, the travel industry, not to mention more common forms of media such as: radio programmes, magazines, political broadcasts, religious organisations, TV commentary and newspapers.
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Blog: Has technology impacted on how we communicate

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How technology has impacted on the way we communicate

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Technology has advanced considerably over the last century, the birth of the internet sped up our advancement and indeed desire for new and improved communication services, but just how much has changed?
Early forms of communication
Early forms of communication mainly centered on the use

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