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What is the Difference between a Transcriptionist and an Audio Typist?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

There are some underlying similarities between a Transcriptionist and an Audio Typist, but there are also a lot of differences, in this article we explore what these are.

The main requirements for an audio typist:

A fast and accurate typist
An excellent grasp

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Staying Connected – activities for young and old alike!

Posted By Cathy Bennett

I hope the gloomy weather hasn’t dampened your spirits this week, especially as the sun looks to be returning from tomorrow! Whatever the weather, this week’s blog has a mixture of ideas to keep you busy indoors and out – enjoy!
This weekend


Showing lockdown in Spain


A transcribers perspective of lockdown in Spain

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Lockdown – Spanish Style
Buenos Dias and greetings from not-so-sunny Spain! No, I’m not complaining about the unseasonable grey and windy weather, it’s making the lockdown here a little more bearable. If it were a warm and sunny day I would be itching to go


Social distancing in Canada

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Hello from British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.  I am Jean and I work for Fingertips Typing Services.
Cathy wrote a great article last week about lockdown in the UK and she asked me if I would write a short article about lockdown


Managing home life and mental health

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Just a few weeks ago most of us were out at work, commuting, working in an office, going for lunch and all the usual things that daily life brings. Just a few weeks later and quite suddenly, many of us are working from home, furloughed


The UK prepares to work and school from home

Posted By Cathy Bennett

It seems that today is the day that we find out if schools are closing and employers are forced to send staff home to work.  Boris Johnson is today chairing a COBRA meeting following the revelations that Tom Hanks and his wife now have the


The Blind Transcriptionist

Posted By Cathy Bennett

It was one of those summers that you’d remember well into your dotage though possibly in the wistful, sepia toned way that distant memory has. I was living by the sea in a little cottage, visiting the beach every day, eating fish freshly caught by


Four-day week and flexible working – could it benefit our economy?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a four day working week. What’s not to like? More time off without a drop in pay, lovely jubbly. But hang on a second, what do employers think about this? What about the cost to their business

To show British sayings and their meanings


30 of the strangest British sayings and their meanings

Posted By Cathy Bennett

For our latest article, we wanted to write something fun and engaging. Below are 30 of the funniest British sayings and their origins. Some date back centuries, whilst others from the 20th century and from WW2. The meanings to some of them are very interesting


Farewell 2018

Posted By Cathy Bennett


As we bid farewell to a fantastic 2018 here at Fingertips Typing, we wanted to take the chance to look back at what has happened in the world this year.

In January we saw the Lunar Eclipse

Merry christmas


Merry Christmas

Posted By Cathy Bennett

The old ones, as they say, are the best… so I wanted to re-share a poem we came up with  to wish all of our fantastic customers and employees a Very Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through

Presentation PowerPoint

Does PowerPoint still have a place in business?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Believe it or not, PowerPoint has been around for 31 years. When you think about it, that is pretty amazing considering how much technology has advanced. So many products have fallen to the wayside: Blackberry, Video and even DVD now to some extent. Yet PowerPoint

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  • over 3 years ago
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