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Reduce errors whilst typing

Data Entry Typing

How To Reduce Errors When Typing

Posted By Cathy Bennett

No matter how much you double-check your work, mistakes will always occur. It is what makes us human, mistakes and learning from them.
The most common of these mistakes are transcription and transposition errors:
Transcription Errors
This is where information is input the wrong way

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All about outsourcing data entry

Data Entry

Data Entry – Are Machines Better Than Humans?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

In a world where speed and accuracy of data entry and getting work done are of the upmost priority many companies are looking for time saving devices that increase the productivity of their employees.
Years ago I was working in customer service for a large

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  • about 1 year ago
All about outsourcing data entry

Data Entry Outsourcing

Outsourcing Your Data Entry Requirements

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Data entry is the standard and core requirements of the modern world. By outsourcing your data entry requirements, you can save your organisation a great deal of expense with hiring data entry resources and back office operations salaries. Reduce your administrative burdens and save time.
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How to improve your words per minute

Data Entry Typing Words

Improving your words per minute

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Has anyone asked you, how fast do you type?
But, how do you calculate your words per minute?
The Basics of Words per Minute
Words per Minute, commonly abbreviated to WPM is used as a measurement of typing speed or reading speed. Typically each word

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Blog: Trancription and confidentiality

Audio Transcription Data Entry Digital Transcription Professional Transcription Services Transcription Transcription Services Transcription Services London Transcription Services UK

Transcription and Confidentiality

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Definition of confidentiality

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What makes transcription great

Audio Transcription Data Entry Medical

Transcription: The Best Aspects of the Job

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Are you considering a career as a transcriptionist? It is a great career path for many people. Whether you will offer corporate-, legal-, or medical transcription services, there are certainly advantages to holding such a position.

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How to hire a medical research transcriptionist

Audio Transcription Data Entry Online Transcription

Hiring a Transcriptionist for Medical Research

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Medical research is essential for furthering this important branch of science. In order to discover new treatments and cures, to find the links between various conditions, and to, in general, improve human health, research is necessary.

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Medical Coding Vs Transcription

Data Entry Medical Transcription Services

What’s the Difference Between Medical Coding and Medical Transcription?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you are looking for a work from home job, then you have likely come across both of these titles.

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