Getting The Most From A Focus Group

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Getting The Most From A Focus Group

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Focus groups are a great way of learning new things; they are exploratory and qualitative in nature, which is a lot more reliable than a lucky guess!

The insights that you can find about your business during a focus group exercise can drive it forward because your customers and prospective customers will tell you what they want or need. Plus, people love it when you ask their opinion!

Done well, a focus group can strengthen your relationship with customers.

Here are our Top Five Tips:

  1. Have clear objectives – If you don’t know the question, you can’t find the answer. Try to make sure that your objective is not to broad and know how you are going to use the information.
  2. Define who you really want to talk to and learn from – Do you want to break into a new market or understand your competitors?
  3. Keep an open mind – Don’t have any predetermined expectations, if you have already made up your mind and there is nothing that can make you change your mind. Use your focus group moderator who will encourage participants to answer openly and honestly.
  4. Be prepared to not like all the answers – You might not like the answers you get, but remember this feedback (even negative) is good for you and your business as you now have the opportunity to make important changes.
  5. Don’t take it personally – You may think that you have a great new product idea, but keep an open mind, it may not resonate with your customers, the focus group will help you hone in on what your customers really want.

You’re not a mind reader; focus groups will help you understand your customers and business better, after all your customers’ needs are constantly evolving. We would also recommend using surveys, telephone interviews and market research to further enhance your data ensuring that you are listening to wide range of different customers.

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