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How to Prevent Writer’s Block?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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At some point in your life you are going to experience writer’s block, whether you are writing an essay or writing corporate literature it is likely that you will have a moment where finding the words becomes difficult. There are many reasons for writers block; fear, anxiety, stress, time or deadline pressures, pretty much anything can it. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with it.

Below are some of our top suggestions for getting over this hurdle and keep you on track.

  1. Schedule your writing time – Allocating yourself time to write will get you in a routine and will train your brain that at the same time everyday you will be writing.
  2. Writing exercises – No, I am not talking about weight lifting pencils or pens, writing exercises can free your mind.
  3. Establish a comfortable writing space – There is something to be said for being comfortable in your work environment, so make sure that you have a comfortable desk and chair, which is well lit. Even sitting at your desk feels to structured and formal then why not head to the sofa or a coffee shop, whatever you need to do to free your mind.
  4. Get creative – Sometimes taking time out from writing and doing something creative can really help. Write a poem, paint a picture, get crafty.This will exercising the creative part of your brain and should eventually stimulate your creative writing.
  5. Free write – Take some time every day to write down whatever pops in your head, don’t worry about spelling or punctuation, no one is going to see it other than you. It could be a journal or an opportunity to vent any frustrations and what has been on your mind.
  6. Get up, get out, get moving – Doing some firm of physical exercise will help you feel relaxed so whether you decide to go out for a run or stick on some of your favourite tunes and dance around your living room or office. The endorphins that you will release will be happy ones and will open your mind to be more imaginative.
  7. Remove distractions – Simple but effective, turn off the phone, unplug from the internet. Keep your work space clean and tidy, remove any clutter. If you are working from home and your family are around remind them to not enter your space during certain times giving you the space and time to write without interruptions.
  8. Take a break – Don’t sit their staring at a blank screen, if the words aren’t flowing like they should take a break. Make yourself a cup of coffee, watch a television show, call a friend, do anything that takes your mind off writing for a short while.
  9. Get reading – When you need inspiration turn to others writing, reading is not only a fun thing to do it can also inspire you. It can make you think of ideas for your own writing

Final Thoughts

We put so much pressure we put on ourselves to deliver work on time and to a high standard as well as being the best. Writer’s block is simply the product of this pressure. Often the irony is that the more we worry about looming deadlines the harder it becomes to write. If this is the case it’s a good idea to step back for awhile and try again later.

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