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Essentials of transcribing

Audio Transcription

Back to School: The Transcriber Essentials

Posted By Cathy Bennett

It is that time of year again, when the shops are fully of sparkly new stationery items, the TV is full of adverts for school uniforms and back to school essentials. So, it seemed fitting to do a blog post on the Transcriber Essentials.

Home worker

Home working

Secrets to Successfully Working From Home

Posted By Cathy Bennett

You might think that working from home would be easy, especially if you are doing it to give yourself a better work life balance or to fit around your family. But, it is harder than it looks. It takes a great deal of determination and

How to Copywrite


The Dos and Don’ts of Copywriting

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Writing good copy isn’t as simple as just putting pen to paper, otherwise everyone would be a fantastic copywriter.
Good copywriting can be hard to come by and takes an exceptional amount of skill and knowledge to learn.
At Fingertips we have a brilliant team

What to look out for in translation


Five Simple Tips For Great Translation

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Translating documents can be a frustrating challenge, but it can also be very rewarding.
Here are our tips to make the translation of documents more enjoyable, simpler and easier for your audience to understand
Here are our top five tips to remember when writing for

Blog: How to turn an interview into something meaningful

Blog Interview Transcription

Five Foolproof Interview Techniques

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Conducting an interview can be tough, you want to elicit as much information from a person as possible, whilst remaining as friendly and personable as possible. The more someone is at ease with you the more they are likely to open up and talk to

Insurance when working from home

Home working

Do you need insurance to work from home?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

This question crops up a lot, after all home working is growing in popularity because it is flexible, allowing you to work hours that suit your family and lifestyle.
Advancements in technology, such as broadband, home PCs and wi-fi, means that people can work just

How to Copywrite


Six Essential Copywriting Tips

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Good copy doesn’t just happen, it takes time, effort and skill to write a great piece of text.
I have so much advice to share with you, but for this post I thought I would keep it short and snappy, giving you the bare essentials

A brief history of subtitles


A Brief History of Subtitles

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Most TV programs and films, now have the option for Subtitles, in fact it is now very rare not to have the option. But how have they become mainstream?
This blog post explores exactly what Subtitles are and how they came about.
What are Subtitles?

What is the best way to deal with the media?


What is the best way to deal with the media?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Dealing with the media can be a very daunting task. Say the right thing and your PR campaign will be hailed a massive success; say the wrong thing, like Gerald Ratner[1] and you can watch your stocks and shares plummet, your customers run to the

What questions should you ask your virtual assistant service

secretarial service

What questions should you ask before hiring a virtual assistant?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Outsourcing the right virtual assistant or secretary is extremely important to the success of your company, it allows you to concentrate on the core aspect of your business. But with so many companies out there offering this service, what should you look for when selecting

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  • about 1 year ago
Top 5 questions to ask a transcription service

Audio Transcription Digital Transcription Outsource Transcription Professional Transcription Services Transcription Transcription Services Transcription Services London Transcription Services UK

Top Five Questions to Ask a Transcription Service

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you are new to the transcription industry and have never used a transcription service before, but find that you have the need to, here are our top questions you should ask before choosing a transcription provider

Who will be transcribing of your work?

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  • about 1 year ago
Secretarial services from Fingertips


The Truth About Virtual PA Services

Posted By Cathy Bennett

A Virtual PA service is a great way for your business to save money and increase productivity, however, there are a lot of myths out there about virtual PA services. This article tells you the truth about  what to expect and debunks the myths.

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