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Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Dominic Cooke

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Transcribed by Liz Walter

I was really looking forward to listening to Benedict’s interview, as I’d always enjoyed, like many others the quirky Asperger’s type Sherlock Holmes character that he’d played – and I wasn’t disappointed. Transcription with Benedict Cumberbatch

During the interview I became aware how

Subtitles Transcription


Posted By Cathy Bennett


There are lots of reasons why a television programme or film that you are watching has subtitles.

It might be a World film or foreign language film that has been translated and subtitled. It might be a mainstream programme that is subtitled for the hearing impaired and even a specialist programme, where participants speak in heavily

Awareness Transcription

Transcription and Awareness of Individual’s Needs

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Awareness of Other People’s Needs
Last week, 4th to 8th April, was World Autism Awareness Week in the UK. [1] Next week, from 18th to 24th April, is Parkinson’s Awareness Week. [2] 25th April to 1st  May is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. [3]
With social media continuing

Sport Transcription TV

Transcription and The Race to The Finish

Posted By Cathy Bennett

The Grand National horse race is happening this Saturday at Aintree Racecourse. [1]
A National Hunt race, the Grand National is held on an annual basis at the racecourse in Liverpool, England, and was first run in 1839. This year, 40 horses are due to

Celebrity Julie Walters Transcription TV

Transcription of Interview with Julie Walters

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Transcribed by Kate King
Julie Walters is one of my favourite actresses of all times and I have had the privilege of transcribing a short interview with her about her new role in BAFTA-winning Jack Thorne’s 4-part drama commissioned by Channel 4 called NATIONAL

Exploration History Space Transcription

Transcription and Exploration

Posted By Cathy Bennett

History of Exploration
Even the earliest travellers needed to record their thoughts and experiences as they explored, making notes, drawing what they have seen, making maps. Early exploration was on foot and horseback, or by sea. A selection of the world’s greatest historical explorers are

Police Interviews Transcription

Transcription and Police Interviews

Posted By Cathy Bennett

History – Police Interviews
It is believed that police cautions were first used in the early 1800s.[1] By the 1920s, police began to give drivers  written warnings for motoring offences. The Home Office, in 1928, published statistics on cautions. [2] From 1995 cautions were recorded on

Blog Interview Transcription Celebrity Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Transcription

Posted By Cathy Bennett

I have just finished transcribing a lovely interview on Ms Gillian Anderson.  Her professionalism is clearly evident in the easy relaxed manner in which she conducts the interview.  It’s like she is having a conversation over a cup of tea with an old friend on

Easter Sermons Transcription


Posted By Cathy Bennett

Easter Sunday 2016
All across the country, and the world, families celebrate Easter in a host of different ways, both religious and non-religious. Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus over 2000 years ago. But how was it decided when Easter falls, especially when it falls

Radio Transcription Sport Tennis

Transcription Regarding Tennis Match Fixing

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Have just finished a transcript from a radio show talking about match fixing in tennis which was most interesting and informative.  I think most people have heard of match fixing in football and cricket, but not so much in tennis.  It did make me wonder


Oral History Transcription

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Is there a tradition or story that’s been handed down for generations in your family? It’s not written down anywhere, it’s just been told, from one person to another. There must be some truth in it somewhere but it’s been added to and embellished, blurred

Blog Interview Transcription Celebrity Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson Interview

Posted By Cathy Bennett

When I first saw the voice file name I wondered if it was the Rowan Atkinson.  I smiled and wondered if he would be as hilarious as in Mr Bean and any of the other of his hilariously brilliant movies.  As I was listening to him

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