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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Transcription Needs

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Transcription can often be overlooked when a business has larger things to worry about. At Fingertips Typing, we encourage you to alleviate your need to stay on top by allowing us to worry about it for you. Although transcription might have been something you previous


3 Areas of Legal Services That Can Benefit From Transcription Services

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Law is one of the most multifaceted professions around, covering everything from medicine to technology to engineering to economy. Legal services inspect all types of information mediums such as verbal communication, written or typed information, and especially complicated forms. With so much information flooding into


Why Medical Transcriptions Should Be Top Priority

Posted By Cathy Bennett

With so much riding on the perfection of medical care, it would be foolish to overlook accurate transcription of: medical correspondence, clinical notes, interviews, anything else worth recording are worth recording without mistake. Fingertips Typing Services specializes in providing the most accurate transcriptions available by

Audio Transcription

5 Reasons to Outsource Audio Transcription Needs

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Audio transcription needs might creep up when no one ever thought it would be an issue, or can also be an unyielding nuisance for some. Whatever the need, Fingertips Typing Services transcription specialists are an indispensible option for these 5 reasons:
Languages-Fingertips Typing caters to

How to prevent back pain


Reduce Transcription Work Related Back Pain

Posted By Cathy Bennett

When offering online transcription services, you must be at your desk for long hours each day, in order to listen to the audio and transfer it to a text file. That can lead to a lot of soreness in the back and neck, which is a problem that a lot of transcriptionists suffer with.

Professional Transcription


Why Choose Professional Transcription Company

Posted By Cathy Bennett

There are a lot of questions about transcription services today. As voice-to-text technology, and online freelance website continue to be developed, it is no wonder that people start to question the best approach to having audio materials transcribed.

5 reasons to outsource

Outsourcing Transcription

5 Reasons to Outsource your Transcription Work

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you haven’t yet decided whether you are better off having someone in the office complete the transcription of your audio files, of if you should hire transcription services online, then consider the following points in favor of outsourcing.

How to start a customer database

Customer Database

Starting a Customer Database

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Most startup companies will find that there are numerous unforeseen obstacles along the way, but when your company grows faster than expected, you certainly aren’t going to be the one to complain

Should you record a job interview?

Job Interview

Should you Record and Transcribe a Job Interview

Posted By Cathy Bennett

While recording job interviews is not overly common, it is certainly not unheard of, and nowadays, there are plenty of employers opting for video interviews, which are obviously recorded.

Speeding up Transcription

Audio Transcription Digital Transcription

4 Ways to Speed Up the Transcription Process

Posted By Cathy Bennett

In a hurry for your next audio transcription services to be completed? In the business world, there is often a need to turn such projects over as quickly as possible, to ensure that other processes are not hindered or delayed.

Just what is a Transcriptionists pedal?

Audio Transcription Digital Transcription

What is a Transcriptionist’s Pedal?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

The pedal is a very important aspect of the job. While it is possible to do transcriptionist work without a foot pedal, this tool does make life easier, and will increase the earning potential of the individual using it.

What to do when recording for transcription

Audio Transcription Digital Transcription Online Transcription

Things to Remember When Recording for Transcription

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you have an important meeting, interview, or speech that you hope to have transcribed after the event is complete, then there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind as you set up to record the conversation.

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