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Medical Transcription - What qualifications do you need?

Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription: Getting an Education

Posted By Cathy Bennett

So, you want to become a medical transcriptionist. Good for you. It is a wonderful and very rewarding career that begins with some very interesting learning. You will have to go to school

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What makes transcription great

Audio Transcription Data Entry Medical

Transcription: The Best Aspects of the Job

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Are you considering a career as a transcriptionist? It is a great career path for many people. Whether you will offer corporate-, legal-, or medical transcription services, there are certainly advantages to holding such a position.

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Working form home

Digital Transcription Medical Transcription Services

CNN International Highlights Medical Transcription, Work-From-Home

Posted By Cathy Bennett

In a recent article in CNN International, there was a coverage on the topic of work-from-home careers. Many people are seeking this type of work, which provides them greater comfort and freedom during the working hours.

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What to consider when hiring a transcription service

Digital Transcription Medical Online Transcription

Hiring Transcription Services: Things to Consider

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you are in the market for transcription services, then you will want to ensure that you know exactly what you want, what you need, and how you expect it to be delivered.

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Why outsource transcription

Audio Transcription Medical Transcription Services

Why Should You Outsource Your Transcription Needs?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you are considering hiring a full time transcriptionist, whether for the recording of meeting minutes, or for accurate medical transcription services, you might want to look at other options first.

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Medical Coding Vs Transcription

Data Entry Medical Transcription Services

What’s the Difference Between Medical Coding and Medical Transcription?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

If you are looking for a work from home job, then you have likely come across both of these titles.

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