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Blog: Getting the most from focus groups

Transcription Research Focus Groups

Getting the most from focus groups

Posted By Cathy Bennett

Focus groups are a straightforward way for organisations to research new projects or understand the needs of the customer.
They have proved to be a highly insightful, bringing together a group to discuss a topic providing a more natural setting than one-to-one interviews. They are

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Transcription Services what are the differences?

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Spot the difference in Transcription Services?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

All transcription services are the same…
Wrong… there are significant differences between different types of transcription services available, this blog explores these differences.
Edited Transcriptions
This is where the transcriber can omit parts of the audio file as long as the meaning of the recording

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Using the internet for research by Transcriptionists

Online Transcription Transcription Research

How our transcriptionists use the internet for research

Posted By Cathy Bennett

I asked my transcriptionists how they used the internet for research and to give some brief feedback on what they found useful. Here are their responses:

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