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» Copy Typing

» Copy Typing

Fingertips have a team of typists and proof readers to provide copy typing services from a range of sources.  We can type from printed and handwritten text. Many clients send PDF and scanned documents that they require typing up from scratch into Word.  Large projects can also be sent via courier or in the post.  We can use the same front, margins and layout, and keep the exact same text on the page if required. Whether your document has bulleted lists, tables, foot notes, section breaks, headers and footers, styles including header tags, automatic contents pages, etc, we can help.  We can provide you with a final copy and a tracked changes copy showing all the changes we have made to the original. There is also an option to add comments throughout the document, these can be removed later.  We can amend the document again and again until you are completely happy with the final product.  Books and manuals will go through many revisions before going to print.  

Types of documents we have been asked to type in the past include:

  • Memoirs
  • Books, some of which have gone for publication
  • Leases
  • Dissertations
  • Website pages
  • Manuals, company policies and brochures
  • Tenders
  • Inventories
  • Email correspondence
  • Diaries 
  • Film scripts
  • Statements
  • Articles 
  • Surveys and questionnaires 
  • Contracts
  • Accounting reports
  • Email copy writing
  • Poetry
  • Newspaper extracts
  • Manuscripts
  • School data collection
  • Tables
  • Simple copy and paste jobs
  • Notes from training courses
  • CVs
  • Job applications
  • Minutes of meetings


We can also revise and proof any existing document that you have including documents produced from speech recognition software.  Our writers can proof read your documents ensuring that the spelling and grammar is correct, the formatting forms continuity throughout, ensure the sentences make sense with apostrophes in the correct places, commas, speech marks, past and present tense used correctly, the text is not too repetitive, shorten paragraphs that are too lengthy and ensure paragraphs start in the correct place.  

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