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Academic Editing Services - Fingertips Typing

Academic Editing Services

We work for a wide range of respected universities and institutions within and beyond the UK, across all academic disciplines.

We’re aware of the many hours, days and weeks that go into producing works of academic writing, and how important publication and successful funding is to the furtherance of your academic reputation and career, as well as the credibility and stability of your department and university. Once you have your paper, dissertation, funding grant application, proposal, article or thesis ready, turn to our academic editing services for support to get it submission ready.

Our skilled and meticulous team are highly experienced in editing academic writing and no subject is too complex – we will consider all specialisms.

We know that academic editing needs distinct specialist skills. As well as the thorough proofreading you’d expect, our academic editors understand the unique needs of academia and will deploy their academic copy editing skills, eye for detail and exceptional language skills to ensure your ideas are organised and presented logically and clearly, avoid repetitive concepts or data – all to ensure that your academic expertise is accessible to your chosen audience.

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