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Book Editing Services

The book publishing industry has altered almost beyond recognition in the last 20 years, largely driven by evolutions in technology and subsequent changes in reader habits. E-readers and other devices mean that reader consumption is very different now.
While this initially presented challenges for the industry, it presented opportunities for smaller, niche and independent book publishers and individual authors who wanted to explore self-publishing.

The change in content consumption has also led to readers expecting a quicker and more prolific output from their favourite authors. But the best author would admit that their work is nothing without input from their book editor.
As a result, the need for freelance book editors is greater than ever to enable this different way of working in the ever more competitive publishing industry.

Our freelance book editors can work with you to sense-check, proofread and fine edit your manuscript for publication or submission to a publisher.
They can help you refine your writing and ensure that your creative intent is felt across every page.

Format is not a problem, we can help pair you with an online book editor if that is how your work will be published.

We can work across all genres of fiction, non-fiction and academic writing. Whether you require booking editing services for novels, a short story, script, poetry, children’s book or textbook, we can tailor our editing services and provide a quotation to your suit individual requirements.

Let us help you to make your book the best it can be; contact us today to discuss our book editing services.

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