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Manuscript Editing Services - Fingertips Typing

Manuscript Editing Services

Are you an established or aspiring author, writer or film writer with a manuscript that needs a second pair of eyes? Proofreading and editing written work is a specialist job, and one which requires a very different skill-set than writing. Let us help you make your work truly attractive to a prospective publisher, producer or agent.

Our manuscript editors can work with you to sense-check, proofread and fine edit your manuscript for publication or submission. We know that for you this is personal; we won’t meddle with your creative intent – but can rework paragraphs to bring out imagery. Beyond the proofreading and editing you’d expect as standard to ensure there are no errors of spelling, grammar, syntax, typography and punctuation, our editors will take a reader’s eye approach, but with a level of scrutiny that will parallel that of a publisher.

If your publisher requires online submission, we can work with your manuscript in the online manuscript editor required by the publishing company.

We can work across all genres of fiction and non-fiction and academic writing. Whether your project is a short story, novel, play or film script, poetry or textbook, we can tailor our manuscript editing services and quotation to your individual requirements.

We pride ourselves on an efficient turnaround, and editing of short manuscripts can be done in 24 hours on request. Deadlines for longer manuscripts can be negotiated.

Could your manuscript be turned into the next bestseller? With the help of Fingertips’ manuscript services it could!

From your fingertips to our online book editor – contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.

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