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Medical Editing Services - Fingertips Typing

Medical Editing Services

Are you looking to publish research articles in medical journals? If so, you’ll know that the field is highly competitive and journal editors and peer reviewers have exacting standards.

Why not use our medical editing services to ensure your article is clear, readable and ready for publication in medical journals. We can also help with proofreading and copy-editing of medical manuscripts, grant applications, proposals and policy documents.

Don’t worry if English is not your native language, our medical editors will work with you to ensure that your article reads well and is accurate, without losing your original writing intent.

We can check for punctuation, grammar, and edit for clarity and style and restructure paragraphs and sections, as well as ensuring technical accuracy. Regardless of your medical specialty, we have access to medical editors experienced in many fields (any examples of this? I can add rheumatology, orthopaedics, sports medicine and health policy), and all have scrupulous attention to detail and a common-sense approach to medical editing.

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