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Focus Group Transcription

focus group transcription

Focus Group transcription services can be provided for university students, medical professionals, market research legal and property professionals.  The transcripts are usually used for analysis and research.  Focus groups are persons discussing an issue or issues. Our focus group transcript will identify who is speaking by inserting their initial down the left hand side each time they speak. If you do not need the speakers identifying please let us know as this will reduce the cost.  We can insert time codes at regular intervals if required.

Transcription of a one-to-one interview takes a professional transcriptionist approximately four hours to transcribe a clear one hour recording.  A focus group takes longer because we need to identify the different voices and there may be accents, background noise and people talking over each other.

Please contact us for further information on our focus group transcription services.

How to conduct a focus group - tips:

  • Ask the speakers to introduce themselves at the beginning of the recording.  The transcriptionist can then put the voice to the name and identify them each time they speak.
  • Don’t eat whilst undertaking the focus group.  This can create unnecessary noise.
  • Undertake the focus group in a quiet place where only the participants are present.
  • Use the correct equipment.  Putting a phone in the middle of the table will probably not catch everybody clearly.
  • Using current apps like Zoom can prove useful.  Everybody can download it onto their phone and the host can record the audio.
  • Ensure the equipment is charged or has new batteries.
  • Try not to have focus groups all of the same sex groups or similar voices.  They can be very hard to distinguish.
  • Try to give the transcriptionist as much information before they start the transcription as possible.  Provide a list of the speakers or whether you want the speakers anonymised and whether you want intelligent verbatim transcription or verbatim.

You can view examples of our transcripts on the home page (these are based on one to one interviews but the layout and principle are the same). If you would like to see a focus group transcription example, i.e with multiple speakers identified, please contact us.

Types of focus group transcription services include:

  • Roundtable discussion transcription
  • Focus group discussion transcription
  • Meeting transcription
  • Group discussion transcription
  • Drug advisory board meeting transcription
  • Brainstorming session transcription
  • Strategic planning session transcription
  • Surveys and market research transcription

Recorders for large groups

You will benefit from purchasing recorders specifically designed to record conferences/focus groups.

Participants should try and maintain a quiet atmosphere. Introducing yourself when you speak will be of benefit. Participants should be provided with a microphone in order that their speech is clearly heard and easily transcribed. Participants should turn off their mobile phones to avoid picking up unwanted signals by the microphone.

We recommend that you record in digital format as these files can be uploaded straight away to Fingertips to transcribe. Digital recorders that a specifically for conferences are the ones to go for. If however you have analogue equipment then this can be transcribed as well.

In todays climate and every changing and advances in technology more people are recording virtually using apps such as Zoom, Skype, Teams etc.  The recordings are clearer than using a digital recorder as your voice is recorded directly into the device and background noise is limited.  It is of course not as intimate as meeting face to face but it works very well.  These apps could be used in-house which will produce clearer, crisp recordings.

Focus Group transcripts usually require intelligent verbatim transcription but we will discuss your requirements with you.



“We approached Fingertips to transcribe a recording of an international medical meeting with around 15 delegates.  We were absolutely delighted with the quality of the transcription that our assigned typist Debbie produced and the transcript was delivered well in advance of the deadline.  We would definitely use Fingertips again”.