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Legal Transcription Services The Facts


Legal Transcription Services – The Facts

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Legal transcription is the act of transcribing any type of legal proceeding from the spoken word into a document format or a printed format.

Legal transcription present a unique set of challenges. Recordings can often contain sensitive, personal and highly confidential material.

Deadlines for lawyers can be short with courts demanding quick turnarounds. There is no room for mistakes as the recorded material is nearly always critical and life-effective.

Types of Legal transcription include:

  • General correspondence and memorandums
  • Lawyer dictation
  • Statements
  • Medical reports
  • Legal agreements and contracts
  • Wills and trust documents
  • Videotaped interviews
  • Investigation reports and surveillance
  • Telephone recordings
  • Telephone hearings
  • Mediation reports

Legal transcription works like any other type of professional transcription service. The transcriber first reviews the source audio or video material. The transcriber carefully listens to the source material and copies it verbatim to a written format. Each transcription is accurate to the task. If the source material is an interrogation or a court proceeding, the nuances of speech patterns and grammatical inconsistencies of conversational speech will remain.

Legal transcriptionists work from previously recorded documentation, unlike court reporters, who transcribe as the case is occurring in court. Transcriptionists can stop and rewind unclear recordings over and over again to ensure that they have transcribed the correct information, whereas a court reporter only has one opportunity to do this.

However, if the end product is a legal document, brief or letter, all attention will be paid to grammar, correct legal wording an phrasing as well as professional documentation.

Legal transcription is performed by professionals with a strong command of the English language as well as a strong sense of ethics and confidentiality. Having a background in law gives an advantage as the are more likely to understand the source material.

Here at Fingertips Typing we have a dedicated and professional team of legal transcribers. If you would like more details on our services or a quote please email: [email protected]

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