Freelance Proofreading Services - Fingertips Typing

Freelance Proofreading Services - Fingertips Typing

Freelance Proofreading Services

If you’ve come looking for a freelance proofreader, Fingertips can help you! Fingertips has a vast team of experienced freelance proofreaders, whose meticulous attention to detail is second to none. Whether you’re an individual or business/institution, with a project large or small, our freelance proofreading services will cater to your every need. 

Fingertips HQ is in London and as such, we have quick access to many London-based proofreaders who can provide a quick-turnaround local service, but our wider team of  freelance proofreaders is based through the UK. Coupled with our digital upload systems, our freelance proofreading services  are used to benefit global clients quickly and efficiently, but with absolute accuracy every time.

We have experience in providing freelance proofreading services in a wide range of professional fields – in publishing, academia and business.

Our freelance proofreading rates are competitive within the industry. We’re here to discuss your proofreading needs, so Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.

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