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Digital audio file formats explained by Fingertips Typing Services

Digital audio file formats explained by Fingertips Typing Services

Digital audio file formats explained

DSS Transcription

Digital Speech Standard. Highly compressed file format enabling files to be recorded, downloaded and emailed. DSS is currently the industry standard for digital dictation. DSS can be converted to WAV format but the file will be much larger so therefore not recommended. DSS files are usually only 1/12th – 1/20th the size of a WAV file and there is no reduction in playback quality. DSS compression occurs at the time of recording so other files cannot be converted to DSS.


WAV Transcription

Uncompressed audio file format originally developed and built into Windows 95. These files are large due to being uncompressed.


MP3 Transcription

MP3 files are compressed and filter out sounds the human ear cannot hear, reducing the file size. Can be played by most portable digital audio players and many DVD players. About 1/12th the size of conventional WAV format.


Windows Media Audio Transcription

Similar to MP3. Supported on fewer devices and DVDS than MP3, but noticeably better quality.


AMI Files

These files are produced from mobile phones.


Technical helplines

Olympus European: 00800 67 10 83 00
Ndeava: 01769 560 620
Speak-It: 0870 700 9080
Sanyo: 0800 328 7060
Philips: 01206 755903
Grundig: 01277 725129
Dictaphone: 0121 433 4848


Standard Play and Long Play with Philips Recorders

The DSS Standard Play (SP) mode is the compatible format for professional mobile dictation devices. The Long Play (LP) modes are not a mandatory format and are implemented differently by different manufacturers. The achieve best sound quality, Philips recommends the use of SP recording mode only. The LP mode recording format is recommended to extend the recording time if needed.


Voice Activated Recording

Avoid using this if your recorder has this feature as the recorder takes a split second to wind up and the beginnings of sentences are generally cut off.

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