Fingertips Typing Services

Telephone Transcription

It is always best to have a full transcript of telephone conversations rather than hastily jotting down notes during a call. You will have a detailed record of everything that was said in case of subsequent disagreement.

Fingertips telephone transcription services can help. Our team of professional and experienced transcriptionists will take the utmost care to achieve the highest levels of attention to detail and accuracy in transcribing phone calls, capturing everything that is said with precision and providing you with a precise and accurate record. We can provide all types of phone transcripts including:

• Voice Mail transcription
• Conference call transcripts
• Market research call transcripts
• Customer feedback transcripts
• Call centre transcripts
• Telephone interview transcription
• etc.

Confidentiality and security guaranteed. We can password protect your transcripts if required.

We review and proofread all materials for spelling, grammar, syntax etc.

You can be assured that once we’ve agreed a deadline we will work as many hours as needed to stick to this.

High quality doesn’t have to mean high cost. We believe our rates are competitive and that we provide an excellent value service. Our rates vary depending on the number of speakers and the quality of the recording.

If you require further information on our phone call transcription services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.