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» Verbatim Interview with Slang

» Verbatim Interview with Slang

This is a full transcript of absolutely everything that is said in the recording.

Include introductory comments at the beginning and closing comments at the end, unless the client states otherwise.

All contractions are typed as said (e.g. don’t and couldn’t), and ‘erms’ and ‘ers’ retained within script.

Verbatim transcription includes every repeated word, every ‘um’ and ‘erm’, all those ‘filler’ phrases like ‘you know’ and ‘know what I mean’ that may be repeated a hundred times in one interview, and can also include pauses, coughs, throat clearing etc.

Slang is used if spoken, such as gonna or wanna or ’cause.

Includes long pauses, short pauses, laughter, coughing.

Includes false starts and stutters.

Basically includes everything!

Example verbatim interview_2013_06 [537196]

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