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Transcription Services - Guaranteed Quality | Fingertips Typing

Transcription Services - Guaranteed Quality | Fingertips Typing

Transcription Services


Types of Transcription Services

Fingertips is a UK transcription company. Our main service is transcription services. Transcription is a process undertaken by using a headset and a foot pedal to transcribe digital audio files or cassettes to the highest quality. We use qualified experienced audio transcriptionists specialising in your industry. Our expertise of audio typing includes interview transcription, focus group transcription, legal transcription, property transcription, medical transcription, TV transcription, conference transcription, insurance and financial transcription. Our philosophy is to build close client relationships by providing a first class transcription service. We achieve this by being professional, friendly and producing work to the highest standard, keeping costs low without compromising on quality. Fingertips provides transcription services, UK and overseas, and employs a team of proof readers that check, and double check the transcripts against the audio ensuring that all transcripts are returned to the highest standard.

We can transcribe everything from the old VHS video tape to the up to date digital files and live streaming videos. There are various different types of transcription, please see our transcript examples page to establish which one you need. We can also timecode your documents as often as you wish, the most common is each time a speaker speaks. We can transcribe from most audio file extensions including MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, AMR, MOV, AIFF and many others. We can produce transcription online if your recordings are on the internet. Please provide the link to the audio. We can produce audio from video files and include the timecode from the video itself. We can also produce SRT files which are used for sub titling purposes. We can transcribe from DVDs, CDs, the old VHS video tapes and mini disc recorders. We can transcribe from all cassettes including standard cassettes, mini, micro and Grundig. As times have changed the request for these is minimal (apart from police tapes which we receive regularly). However, occasionally we do receive the old fashioned cassettes. Although we have only ever received two Grundig tapes!

At Fingertips we like to offer every aspect of transcription, old and new, and we feel this is what makes Fingertips unique. We also feel our logo represents this, the picture part being sleek, modern and current, but the font being the old typewriter font showing that we can still do things the old way too!

Please note if you have not requested that your tapes are returned within 3 months then they will be recycled.


Audio Transcription Technology

We use up to date advanced high performance technology and broadband connections ensuring that we have all the necessary equipment to undertake transcription services and deliver your work in an efficient, timely manner and of the highest quality.



Fingertips are up to date with the new GDPR regulations. We can provide documents on request and answer any questions. For 95% of our transcription services, UK transcribers are used. We do have a few other transcribers overseas but they are covered by GDPR regulations.


Recording Formats We Accept

We can work with a range of audio formats, including:

  • Digital
  • Cassette
  • Mini Disc
  • DVD
  • Video
  • iPhone and Blackberry
  • Telephone Dictation
  • Conference Calls
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