Cassette and Analogue Transcription Service | Fingertips Typing

Cassette and Analogue Transcription Service | Fingertips Typing

Cassette Transcription

Fingertips provide transcription from cassettes/tapes.  Many firms and individuals still use analogue machines whereby dictation is recorded onto a tape and played back through a machine.  Fingertips often receive cassettes from solicitors, councils and the police. The tapes are under caution police tapes (PACE – Police and Criminal Evidence).  These tapes often have an automatic audio time code which sounds every few seconds.  This can make it difficult for the transcriptionist to hear what is being said on the tape.  Our PACE machine can take out this time code therefore enabling a nice clear audio.

Different types of tape transcription:

  • Mini cassette transcription
  • Micro cassette transcription
  • Standard cassette transcription
  • Steno cassette transcription

We can record tapes into the computer so they become digital voice files if necessary.  This is useful for large jobs and therefore they can be uploaded to our server for distribution to typists.

The tapes can either be delivered, couriered or posted to us.  Fingertips can supply cassette recorders free of charge for you to record your transcription if necessary.

Please note if you have not requested your tapes back within three months then they will be recycled.


“I have been using Fingertips for over a year now.  I can wholeheartedly recommend them.  They provide an extremely efficient service.  Work is returned promptly and almost error free.  Their fees are very reasonably.  They are also very nice people to deal with.”

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