Fingertips Typing Services

Use Phone as Dictaphone

Fingertips can provide two ways in which you can use your phone to dictate instead of a dictaphone.  We have a phone in system where you use your mobile or landline to dictate.  You use the keypad for various functions such as rewind, pause, fast forward and over write.  We will provide you with a telephone number which you dial, then enter a pin number and then begin to dictate.  When you have completed your dictation you put down the receive and the audio is uploaded to Fingertips’ server where we receive an automatic email notifying us that there is an audio ready for downloading.  There is an extra 10p per audio minute charge for this service.

Please see our sub page entitled Use Phone Keypad to find out more about this service and the functionality.

Please ensure any mobile devices are not too close to other electrical devices as the transmission of signals sweeping for messages actually interferes with the pick-up.