Phone In Keypad Dictation

Phone In Keypad Dictation

Use Phone Keypad

The phone in dictation service is mainly for the benefit of firms and individuals who do not have any dictating equipment. From a telephone you dial a freephone number, enter your user ID and a password (if you entered one), then record your dictation. The telephone keypad has all the functions of a digital recorder, see below.



“We have used the Fingertips Typing service for the past year or so and have found it to be very accurate and reliable. On their 24 hour service, letters are usually received well within that timescale and can definitely recommend Fingertips for those who are not touch typists!”
Alan Emery – AWD Chase de Vere Wealth Mgt.



Our phone in service includes:

  • Twenty-four hour accessibility
  • Access from any touch-tone phone (Ground-based, cellular or digital)
  • Touch tone control keys – use your keypad for functions such as rewind, fast forward, pause etc.
  • Option to set priority i.e 24 hour, 4 hour, overnight
  • Medical Dictation Menu
  • Automatic Transfer of dictation files to our FTP site
  • Assured confidentiality – HIPAA Compliant
  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction  


Set up:

If you would like us to set you up on the system and provide you with your unique user ID please email us at

The keypad menu is the following:

Touch  Action  Description 
1 Playback Touch 1 to playback the dictation from the beginning.
2 Review Touch 2 to continue recording.
3 Record  Touch 3 to rewind and playback the last 5 seconds and immediately continue recording.
4 Pause Touch 4 to pause recording.
5 Complete Dictation
Start New Dictation
Touch 5 to complete the current dictation and begin a new dictation.
6 Go To End Touch 6 to go to the end of the file when playing back. Also when in Pause mode, will take you to the end and start recording at the end of the file.
Fast Forward Touch 7 to fast forward the playback by 7 seconds.
Complete Dictation
Start New Dictation
Does the same as pressing 5.
Disconnect Touch 9 to disconnect. This completes a recording and immediately disconnects from the system.
Overwrite Touch 0 to overwrite the recording at the point of playback. It will overwrite anything that is recorded from point of playback…until the user stops. If the overwrite is less that what is already recorded, then there may still be information after they finish.
# Skip prompt Touch # to skip Patient ID prompt and Work Type at the start.
*1 Confirmation # Touch * and 1 to hear the unique confirmation for the current dictation before touching 5 to end. This confirmation code can be used to locate a voice file on the dictation server. The Job # is embedded as part of the file name. It allows for easy tracking of a file a user has dictated and gives the user something to prove he dictated.
*2  Overwrite Audio Same as pressing 0.
*3  Insert Audio Touch * and 3 to insert audio at the last point of playback. If they want to add a sentence of a paragraph in the middle of the dictation, they can do it. Most users do not use this feature and instead just dictate the missing paragraph with instructions to the transcriptionist.
Work Type Set Priority 04 – 4 hour turnaround

925 – sameday turnaround

629 – Overnight turnaround

24 – 24 hour turnaround

We also transcribe telephone interviews and telephone discussions. Please see interview transcription.

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