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Verbatim Transcription

There are two types of verbatim transcription services we provide – full verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcription.

Full verbatim transcription includes absolutely everything that is said, including all ums, ers, uhs, grammatical and vocabulary mistakes, stutters, false starts and repetitions.

An intelligent verbatim transcript will still include what was said, retaining the meaning, but is cleaned up a bit. We will take out the ums and ers and remove false starts to sentences like “you know” if it doesn’t add any meaning to what the speaker is saying. Intelligent verbatim transcripts are a lot easier to read.

Here is a full verbatim transcript example:

Um, well, you know, it depends, it depends on … like if you’re a vegan, uh, you might, might not, probably don’t want the eggs, you know?

And here is the same example as intelligent verbatim:

It depends. If you’re a vegan you probably don’t want the eggs.

Fingertips verbatim transcription services has a team of professional and experienced transcriptionists who will take the utmost care to achieve the highest levels of attention to detail and accuracy in transcribing your recordings, whichever method you choose.

Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance to us.  Fingertips are registered with the Data Protection Act.  We can password protect your transcripts.  We can upload your finished transcript to your client folder instead of emailing back, if required.

We review and proofread all materials for spelling, grammar, syntax etc.

We will note your deadline and ensure to stick to it.

We provide high quality transcripts at a low cost.  We believe our rates are competitive and that we provide an excellent value service. Rates vary according to number of speakers and quality of recording.

If you require further information on our verbatim transcription services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

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