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Video Transcription Services from Fingertips Typing

Video Transcription Services from Fingertips Typing

Online Video Transcription

We can transcribe videos from any site on the internet including You Tube.  The video can be pre-recorded or live streaming.  We have software that can capture and record the video ready for us to transcribe. We can input time codes into the transcript if necessary either from our transcription software or the time code from the video itself.  We can provide you with a copy of the audio file if required.

Examples of online videos are podcasts, documentaries, conferences, speeches including political and religious, programmes and business meetings.

Please supply the link to the video and we can proceed.

Sub titling – SRT

We can produce SRT files for your videos.  SRT files are used for sub titling purposes.  We will type the text in our special sub titling software which creates the SRT file. We then go through the audio/video entering the correct start and stop times for the sub titles to appear.  Timings are in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds for exact sub title appearance.  This ensures that the text appears on the screen at the correct time.   Please contact us with your details of your project and we will provide you with a quote.


“We often rely on Fingertips Typing to create subtitle files – frequently at short notice and with tight deadlines. Despite these pressures their accuracy is impressive, their service reliable, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
Matt Davies – BW

Below is an extract of an SRT file.

Example of SRT sub title file


Transcription from digital video file with captions

We can transcribe from your digital video files.  Commonly used file extension formats are MOV, WMV and M4A. We can transcribe and view your video at the same time which means we can input any time code from the actual video into the transcript, and also any visual notations that would be helpful to the transcription, for example somebody closing a door or leaving a room.  Please let us know if you would like a further detailed transcript, for example long pauses, somebody clearing their throat or sneezing etc.  Unusual names and places can be researched on the internet.   We can add captioning to the video which is helpful for persons who are hard of hearing.  Below is an example.

Example of video caption video transcription services


Hard copy videos

We can transcribe from VHS videos.  The most effective way to to this is to transfer the video to a digital file using our specialist software.  This then becomes a voice file which we can transcribe.  VHS videos are becoming more uncommon these days but occasionally we do get videos from councils and the police.

Please note that if you have not requested that your videos be returned within 3 months then they will be recycled.

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