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Voicemail Transcription

Fingertips offer high quality Voicemail Transcription Services.  We have in the past transcribed client’s voicemail recordings that were needed for evidence in Court amongst other things.

Voicemail Transcription takes the audio for your voicemails and transcribes it into text. So instead of having to listen to potentially long-winded messages, you can simply read them. You can think of it as turning your voicemail messages into the equivalent of text messages. It is a very fast way to get through your voicemail messages, as it makes voicemail as easy and efficient as email or SMS.

Not only is that faster, but it means you can even take care of voicemails messages left for you when you’re in a place where you can’t listen to them, like a meeting, letting you respond more quickly and conveniently.

With voicemail to text, you’ll find that you rarely if ever have to listen to a voicemail any more (unless you want to, because it’s from your children or a close friend). But you’ll still have the option to listen to voicemail messages the same way you do now.

Whatever your reason for needing your voicemails transcribed, Fingertips are here to help.  If you need help transferring the voicemail recording to your computer for upload, we can advise you on how to do this.

If the recording is quite small, you can email it straight from your phone.

We also provide Phone call Transcription, Meetings Transcription and Dictaphone Transcription.

If you require further information on our voicemail transcription services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. Our team are on standby and are here to help!

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