Why you should transcribe Market Research

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Why You Should Transcribe Market Research

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Transcription of Market Research

Market research is a fantastic way of getting the opinions of the people that matter to your business, be that customers, employees or suppliers. To get the best information you need to use an array of research techniques as one size does not fit all it all. But what happens when you have all the data, what do you do with it? One of the most efficient way to maximise results is Transcription!

If you are using focus groups, we would highly recommend having the research groups recorded and audio transcribed allows for quoting much more easily. You will gather a lot more detail so verbatim transcription, is the form of transcription you should use, so nothing is missed.

Transcribing the research will allow you to focus on what is being said, rather than worrying about protocol and being affected by outside influences. You can get on with the task in hand knowing that information is being collected properly and genuinely.

Transcription also ensures that you interpret what people say correctly and avoid you misconstruing someone’s opinions or noting a comment out of context. You aren’t second guessing what people are saying and thinking, it is all in black and white.

You have taken all this time and effort to get this research, you need to make the most of what you have collected and transcription allows you to do just that. It can also serve as a method of benchmarking further studies, allowing you to tweak your questions based on ones that have elicited longer more informative responses from participants.

By transcribing your research you are making the content instantly actionable, this is often the case with quantitative data, because numbers never lie and action can immediately be taken. That’s not the case with qualitative data. Transcripts lay all of the qualitative data out in one place, making it easier for researchers to pull quotes, identify patterns, and spot anomalies.

Taking out the significant amount of work which must be done in order to do the analysis.


The biggest benefit of transcribing your research is the fact that you can revisit a conversation at any point in time. Transcribed files that indicate speaker names and provide timestamps are especially useful.
Transcription ensures that nothing is left to chance, and you’ll have a word-for-word account of the conversation in front of you, nothing can be misinterpreted.

To find out more about Market Research Transcription or to get a quote for this service please email: info@fingertipstyping.co.uk

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