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How to become a medical transcriptionst: Getting an education

Medical Transcription - What qualifications do you need?


Medical Transcription: Getting an Education

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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medical officeSo, you want to become a medical transcriptionist.   Good for you.  It is a wonderful and very rewarding career that begins with some very interesting learning.  You will have to go to school, because there are many aspects of this career path that require intensive training.  General transcription services do not require the same technical knowledge, but even that means have a sound understanding of the English language, and proper grammar.

Fortunately, the training needed to provide quality medical transcription services is readily available.  There are many physical locations in the UK. There is also the option to enroll in an online program, which allows the person to learn at his or her own pace, and from home.  The great part about these programs is that they showcase the person’s ability to stay self-motivated and to establish a home office, something that is desirable to employers hiring work-from-home transcription services.

The courses will focus on a wide variety of topics, including general language skills, computer programs, and, of course, medical terminology. There are many areas to be mastered, if one hopes to be an expert in the field of medical transcription.

Keyboard Efficiency You won’t do well in this field, if you are hunting and pecking for the keys on the keyboard.  You must have a strong grasp of keyboarding, and you must be familiar with basic operations on the computer. This is the solid foundation upon which the industry-specific software knowledge is built.

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